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Sixth Sense

Everyday Experiences and What They Reveal

by Sue Bishop

From ghosts and premonitions, to poltergeists and out of body experiences, share the encounters of everyday people with their sixth sense and what this reveals about life beyond the one we know, and - discover the power of your intuition. ...

ISBN: 9781742375618

Binding: Paperback


Sleep Affirmations: 200 Phrases for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep

by Jennifer Williamson

One out of three adults have trouble getting to sleep each night-chances are you've spent some nights either tossing and turning, or waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep. This book helps you get into the ...

ISBN: 9781507207604

Binding: Hardback


Sleepy Ocean (1CD)

by Dr Jeffrey Thompson

<p><p>Sleep is vital to our health and well-being. Yet millions of us don’t get the sleep we need to live healthy and productive lives. Simply listen to this clinically proven audio system at bedtime and fall asleep easily and ...

ISBN: 9781559618717

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

Small Pleasures

by The School of Life

ISBN: 9780993538735

Binding: Hardback


So Audrey

59 Ways to Put a Little Hepburn in Your Step

by Cindy De La Hoz

ISBN: 9780762440580

Binding: Hardback


So Who's Counting?

The Little Quote Book About Growing Older and Still Kicking Ass

by Erin McHugh

<I>Ageing is an extraordinary process where you become the person you should have been.</I>&#160;&ndash; David Bowie<BR /><BR /> Sixty is the new fifty, seventy&rsquo;s the new sixty, and older is getting younger every day. With fun, ...

ISBN: 9781449496227

Binding: Hardback


Solve For Happy

Engineer Your Path to Joy

by Mo Gawdat

<i>Solve for Happy</i> is a startlingly original book about creating and maintaining happiness, written by a top Google executive with an engineer's training and fondness for thoroughly analyzing a problem. In 2004, Mo Gawdat, a remarkable ...

ISBN: 9781509809950

Binding: Paperback


Something More

A Spiritual Misfit's Search for Meaning

by Siobhan Curham

ISBN: 9780349420837

Binding: Paperback


Soul Centered: Transform Your Life In 8 Weeks With Meditation

by Sarah McLean

<i>Soul-Centered</i> presents a contemporary, mainstream view of meditation in an 8-week program that delivers time-tested techniques to cultivate an effective daily meditation practice. Inspired by and based on Sarah McLean's 20-plus year ...

ISBN: 9781401935863

Binding: Paperback


Soul Lessons And Soul Purpose: A Channeled Guide To Why YouAre Here

by Sonia Choquette

<i>Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose</i> is a book channeled by Sonia Choquette's spirit teacher guides, The Three Bishops, as well as Joachim and the Emissaries of the Third Ray. These highly evolved and loving guides work specifically to bring ...

ISBN: 9781401907891

Binding: Paperback


Soul Mates

Magical and mysterious ways to find true love

by Jenny Smedley

ISBN: 9780749958404

Binding: Paperback


Soul Secrets: Inspiration for a happier and more fulfilling life

by Kelvin Cruickshank

'Don't underestimate the power of positive thoughts. Thinking positively really can change your reality.'<BR> In this book, bestselling psychic medium Kelvin Cruickshank shares his views on how to live a full, happy life by making the most of ...

ISBN: 9780143573692

Binding: Paperback



Sound Choices For The Home

by Susan;Smith, Dallas Mazer

Our home settings are places where we both renew ourselves and have our closest relationships. The environment for reading, dining, talking, and resting needs to offer a sense of regeneration and renewal. This music provides a range of pieces ...

ISBN: 9781561706808

Binding: Paperback


Sound Choices For Work

by Susan;Smith, Dallas Mazer

In a working environment, the sound needs to support our ability to focus, enhance our sense of productiveness, and facilitate communication. This album consists of up-lifting and easy-going instrumental music, a blend of classical and jazz ...

ISBN: 9781561706846

Binding: Paperback


Sound Spirit: Pathway To Faith

by Don Campbell

Every day our Spirit is tested by faith in what we see, feel, and do. From times of great pain and stress to those of joy and deep balance, sound is a constant companion to the Spirit. Our affirmations, prayers, and songs invite the Spirit to ...

ISBN: 9781401908867

Binding: Paperback


Speaking The Lost Language Of God

by Gregg Braden

In this illuminating program, visionary and scientist Gregg Braden takes you on a journey of exploration, discovery, mystery, and insight that leads you to the wisdom of the ancients and an understanding that the most powerful force in the ...

ISBN: 9781401907648

Binding: Paperback


Spells for a Magical Year

100 Rituals and Enchantments for Prosperity, Power, and Fortune

by Sarah Bartlett

The ideal reference for any modern witch, <i>Spells for a Magical Year</i> gives a month-by-month guide to spells, rituals, and enchantments. ...

ISBN: 9780785837268

Binding: Paperback


Spirit Animal Colouring Book

by Sarah Wilder

A very special colouring book.<BR> <BR> This colouring book is dedicated to our animal kin and the energies they allow us to tap into, to help guide and shape our lives and help us stay connected to our Source.<BR> <BR> Who are these creative ...

ISBN: 9781401950712

Binding: Paperback


Spirit Animal Oracle: A 68-Card Deck And Guidebook

by Colette Baron-Reid

Internationally acclaimed oracle expert and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid has created a unique oracle card deck that opens a gateway to Spirit through the archetypal energies of the living beings that share our planet.<BR>Animals, ...

ISBN: 9781401952792

Binding: Cards