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Bonpoint: Parisian Chic for Children's Fashion

by Fraser-Cavassoni Natasha

ISBN: 9781419721465

Binding: Hardback


Book of Black

by Faye Dowling

ISBN: 9781786270429

Binding: Paperback


Book of Hearts

by Francesca Gavin

ISBN: 9781780673318

Binding: Paperback


Book of Old Ships


Of all the ships human beings have constructed to navigate the waters of the world - from a hollowed-out log sharpened at both ends to modern ocean liners weighing thousands of tons - those powered by the wind are among the most interesting and ...

ISBN: 9780486273327

Binding: Paperback


Book of Signs


This unusual collection of primitive and medieval symbols provides one of the most fertile single sources of decorative ideas available today. It is also a graphic history of the development of written communication and offers a singular insight

ISBN: 9780486201627

Binding: Paperback


Book of Skulls

by Faye Dowling

ISBN: 9781856697002

Binding: Paperback


Book Presence in a Digital Age

by Professor Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, Dr. Kári Driscoll & Dr. Jessica Pressman

<p>Contrary to the apocalyptic pronouncements of paper media's imminent demise in the digital age, there has been a veritable surge of creative reimaginings of books as bearers of the literary. From typographic experiments (Mark Z. Danielewski's

ISBN: 9781501321191

Binding: Kobo eBook



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by Bradley Quinn

ISBN: 9781856696630

Binding: Hardback


Borders and Frames


Elaborate strands of flowers, dramatic Art Deco designs, ethereal rings of angels this affordable volume offers endless inspiration to professional and amateur artists alike with more than 200 colour and black-and-white designs. Painstakingly ...

ISBN: 9780486998473

Binding: Paperback


Borders, Frames and Decorations of the Art Nouveau Period


Art Nouveau swept turn-of-the-century Europe and America with its graceful, flowing lines and sensuous female figures. Today the style enjoys renewed popularity among artists and craftspeople drawn to its timeless beauty.A noted artist and ...

ISBN: 9780486246109

Binding: Paperback


Borders, Frames and Decorative Motifs from the 1862 Derriey Typographic Catalog


In the mid-19th century, typefounders plied their trade with an extraordinary exuberance, creating a new and dazzling range of typefaces and ornamentation that in sheer versatility, ornate beauty, and sumptuousness remain unsurpassed. Today, as ...

ISBN: 9780486253220

Binding: Paperback


Bound and Determined: A Visual History of Corsets, 1850-1960


This revealing history of corsetry ranges from the 19th through the mid-20th centuries to show how simple laced bodices developed into corsets of cane, whalebone, and steel. Lavish illustrations include line drawings and photographs. Corsets in

ISBN: 9780486478920

Binding: Paperback


Brand by Hand

by Contino Jon

ISBN: 9781419732249

Binding: Hardback


Brand Identity Essentials

100 Principles for Building Brands

by Kevin Budelmann

<i>Brand Identity Essentials</i> lays a foundation for brand building, defining the tools and building blocks, and illustrating the construction of strong brands through examples of world-class design. ...

ISBN: 9781631597084

Binding: Paperback


Breakthrough Thinking


ISBN: 9781440333262

Binding: Paperback


British Fashion Designers Mini Edition

by Hywel Davies

ISBN: 9781780671147

Binding: Paperback


Brooklyn Street Style

by Shawn Dahl

ISBN: 9781419717956

Binding: Paperback


Brooks Brothers

200 years of American style

by Kate Betts

<DIV>Since 1818, Brooks Brothers, America&#39;s oldest clothing brand, has grown into a global sartorial institution that has influenced American style through its iconic fashions, which conjure intimate memories of pivotal life events &ndash; ...

ISBN: 9780847859924

Binding: Hardback


Bruno Munari

The Lightness of Art

by Pierpaolo Antonello, Matilde Nardelli & Margherita Zanoletti

<p>Bruno Munari was one of the most important and eclectic twentieth-century European artists. Dubbed the «Leonardo and Peter Pan» of contemporary art, he pioneered what would later be labelled kinetic art, playing a key role in the constitution

ISBN: 9781787079915

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Build Your Own Brand


What is your brand? As a designer your success depends on how you brand yourself and the service you provide. This book will help you explore, develop, distil, and determine a distinctive brand essence, differentiate yourself, and create your ...

ISBN: 9781440324550

Binding: Spiral bound