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Digital Futures and the City of Today

New Technologies and Physical Spaces

by Glenda Amayo Caldwell

<p>In the contemporary city, the physical infrastructure and sensorial experiences of two millennia are now inter-woven within an invisible digital matrix. This matrix alters human perceptions of the city, informs our behavior, and increasingly ...

ISBN: 9781783205622

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Digital Innovations in Architectural Heritage Conservation

Emerging Research and Opportunities

by Stefano Brusaporci

The concept of conserving heritage for future generations is not a new idea. However, with recent digital advances, this task can be done much more efficiently and cultural properties can be better preserved for future populations. Digital ...

ISBN: 9781522524366

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Digital Manufacturing:In Design and Architecture

In Design and Architecture

by Asterios Agkathidis

ISBN: 9789063692322

Binding: Paperback


Digital Poetics

An Open Theory of Design-Research in Architecture

by Marjan Colletti

<p>Digital Poetics celebrates the architectural design exuberance made possible by new digital modelling techniques and fabrication technologies. By presenting an unconventional and original ’humanistic’ theory of CAD (computer-aided design), ...

ISBN: 9781351944021

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Digital Textile Design:Second edition

Second edition

by Melanie Bowles

ISBN: 9781780670027

Binding: Paperback


Digital Vernacular

Architectural Principles, Tools, and Processes

by James Stevens & Ralph Nelson

<p><em>Digital Vernacular</em> addresses the why and how of digital fabrication in hundreds of step-by-step color images, illuminating a set of working principles and techniques that join theory with practice. Authors James Stevens and Ralph ...

ISBN: 9781317548423

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Disability, Space, Architecture: A Reader

by Jos Boys

<p><em>Disability, Space, Architecture: A Reader</em> takes a groundbreaking approach to exploring the interconnections between disability, architecture and cities. The contributions come from architecture, geography, anthropology, health ...

ISBN: 9781317197164

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Dispute Avoidance

by Brian Morgan

<P>Dispute Avoidance is a practical management primer for construction professionals based on over forty years hard-won commercial construction contract experience around the world. It argues that running complex, high value construction ...

ISBN: 9781859462973

Binding: Paperback


Distinguished Figures in Descriptive Geometry and Its Applications for Mechanism Science

From the Middle Ages to the 17th Century

by Michela Cigola

<p>This book consists of chapters that focus specifically on single figures that worked on Descriptive Geometry and also in Mechanisms Sciences and contain biographical notes, a survey of their work and their achievements, together with a modern

ISBN: 9783319201979

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Diversity and Design

Understanding Hidden Consequences

by Beth Tauke, Korydon Smith & Charles Davis

<p><em>Diversity and Design</em> explores how design - whether of products, buildings, landscapes, cities, media, or systems - affects diverse members of society. Fifteen case studies in television, marketing, product design, architecture, film,

ISBN: 9781317688501

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Domestic Client's Guide to Engaging an Architect

by Nigel Ostime

<P>If you need to understand about engaging the services of an architect, this updated RIBA guide is for you. Straightforward and completely up-to-date regarding legislation, it sets out everything you need to be aware of, for a large or small ...

ISBN: 9781859467657

Binding: Paperback


Domestic Project Pack

by RIBA Publishing

<P>The RIBA <EM>Domestic Project Pack</EM> is a form of agreement which has been specifically designed to be used between the architect and the client where the commission is for work to the clients home; be it an alteration, small or large ...

ISBN: 9781859461884

Binding: Paperback


Dominique Perrault

Projects and Architecture

by Laurent Stalder

ISBN: 9781904313038

Binding: Hardback


Domus 1928-1939

by Fiell Charlotte ; Peter

This fresh reprint features domusrsquo;s coverage from the transformative years between 1928 and 1939. It is an era famed for the emergence of theInternational Style when the likes of Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Robert ...

ISBN: 9783836526524

Binding: Hardback


Domus 1970-1979

by Charlotte; Fiell, Peter Fiell

The best domus coverage over the course of the 1970s, the era in which postmodernist tendencies were first detected and individuality and ecological awareness gained momentum. Featured projects and architects include Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers,

ISBN: 9783836526531

Binding: Hardback


Douglas Snelling

Pan-Pacific Modern Design and Architecture

by Davina Jackson

<p>Douglas Burrage Snelling (1916–85) was one of Britain’s significant emigré architects and designers. Born in Kent and educated in New Zealand, he became one of Australia’s leading mid-century architects, of luxury residences and commercial ...

ISBN: 9781317148296

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Down Detour Road

An Architect in Search of Practice

by Eric J. Cesal

<p><strong>A young architect's search for new architectural values in a time of economic crisis.</strong></p> <p>I paused at the stoop and thought this could be the basis of a good book. The story of a young man who went deep into the bowels of

ISBN: 9780262289054

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Dramaturgy and Architecture

Theatre, Utopia and the Built Environment

by Cathy Turner

<p>Dramaturgy and Architecture approaches modern and postmodern theatre's contribution to the way we think about the buildings and spaces we inhabit. It discusses in detail ways in which theatre and performance have critiqued and intervened in ...

ISBN: 9781137317148

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Drape Drape 2

by Hisako Sato

ISBN: 9781780670041

Binding: Paperback



The Motive Force of Architecture

by Sir Peter Cook

<p>Focusing on the creative and inventive significance of drawing for architecture, this book by one of its greatest proponents, Peter Cook, is an established classic. It exudes Cook's delight and catholic appetite for the architectural. Readers

ISBN: 9781118700648

Binding: Paperback