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Contexts: The Work of Hodder + Partners

by Stephen Hodder

<P><EM>Contexts: The Work of Hodder + Partners</EM> brings together contributions from architectural writers, academics and journalists to review the buildings, culture and philosophy of Hodder Associates (now Hodder + Partners), founded in ...

ISBN: 9781859468265

Binding: Hardback


Conwy & Around in 50 Buildings

by Peter Johnson & Catherine Jefferis

<p>Conwy and its district has a history stretching back to Neolithic times. However, the area comes into its own from around AD 1200, the period of Welsh Princes and increased interest from England. This resulted in the clash of cultures ...

ISBN: 9781445661025

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Copenhagenize: The Definitive Guide to Global Bicycle Urbanism

by Mikael Colville-Andersen

ISBN: 9781610919388

Binding: Paperback



Architectural Decay in Berlin since 1989

by Daniela Sandler

<p>In Berlin, decrepit structures do not always denote urban blight. Decayed buildings are incorporated into everyday life as residences, exhibition spaces, shops, offices, and as leisure space. As nodes of public dialogue, they serve as ...

ISBN: 9781501706806

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Country Houses: The Architecture of Mark P. Finlay


"What sort of home would you create for yourself if you could build whatever you wanted - if money, as they say, were no object? Over the course of his firm's 30-year history, American architect Mark P. Finlay has been in the rare, privileged ...

ISBN: 9781864707298

Binding: Hardback


Courtyard Housing and Cultural Sustainability

Theory, Practice, and Product

by Donia Zhang

<p>Cultural sustainability is a very important aspect of the overall sustainability framework and is regarded as the fourth pillar alongside the other three: environmental, economic, and social sustainability. However, the concept is neither ...

ISBN: 9781317158820

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Courtyard Housing for Health and Happiness

Architectural Multiculturalism in North America

by Dr Donia Zhang

<p>Health and happiness are fundamental to human quality of life. The United Nations’ World Happiness Report 2012 reflects a new worldwide call for governments to include happiness as a criterion to their policies. The ‘Healthy Cities’ or ‘Happy

ISBN: 9781472449139

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CPM in Construction Management, Eighth Edition

by James J. O'Brien & Fredric L. Plotnick

<h4>The definitive guide for using CPM in construction planning and scheduling—now thoroughly updated to reflect new technologies and procedures</h4> <p>Critical path method (CPM) is the most widely taught and used framework for construction ...

ISBN: 9781259587573

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Creating a Home

by Kathryn M. Ireland

Kathryn M Ireland is a maven of materials. In addition to having her own fabric line, she freely and deftly mixes other designers' fabrics as well as international market 'finds'. This book chronicles the sympathetic restoration of a Wallace ...

ISBN: 9781423605959

Binding: Hardback


Creating Interior Atmosphere

Mise-en-scène and Interior Design

by Jean Whitehead

<p>This book sets out to explore the creation of interior atmosphere as seen through the lens of mise-en-scène. You will learn how this film theory informs the concept of 'staged space' translated through the narrative and expressive qualities ...

ISBN: 9781474249690

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Creating Modern Athens

A Capital Between East and West

by Denis Roubien

<p>Athens is a well-known destination for those interested in discovering the birthplace of Western civilization. Its ancient monuments have been the model for innumerable buildings and works of art all over the Western world. However, the ...

ISBN: 9781351966160

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Creating Sensory Spaces

The Architecture of the Invisible

by Barbara Erwine

<p><em>Creating Sensory Spaces</em> celebrates spaces enlivened with sensual richness and provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create them. Drawing on numerous built case studies in ten countries and illustrated with over 85 ...

ISBN: 9781317420675

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Creating Urban Agricultural Systems

An Integrated Approach to Design

by Gundula Proksch

<p><em>Creating Urban Agriculture Systems</em> provides you with background, expertise, and inspiration for designing with urban agriculture. It shows you how to grow food in buildings and cities, operate growing systems, and integrate them with

ISBN: 9781317751540

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Creative Cottage

by Steve Gross

Whether built by a 1770s French Huguenot or a 1940s American starlet, cottages capture hearts and imaginations for generations to come. Gross and Daley showcase the journeys of thirteen American homes and their owners-artists, preservationists ...

ISBN: 9781423638483

Binding: Hardback


Creative Ecologies

Theorizing the Practice of Architecture

by Hélène Frichot

<p>Architect and philosopher Hélène Frichot examines how the discipline of architecture is theorized and practiced at the periphery. Eschewing a conventionally direct approach to architectural objects – to iconic buildings and big-name ...

ISBN: 9781350036543

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Creative Lives in Classical Antiquity

Poets, Artists and Biography

by Richard Fletcher & Johanna Hanink

<p>What happened when creative biographers took on especially creative subjects (poets, artists and others) in Greek and Roman antiquity? Creative Lives in Classical Antiquity examines how the biographical traditions of ancient poets and artists

ISBN: 9781316756966

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Cultural Influences on Architecture

by Gülsah Koç, Marie-Therese Claes & Bryan Christiansen

A society’s culture is a contributing factor to the structure and design of its architecture. As contemporary globalism brings about the evolution of the world, architectural style evolves along with it, which can be observed on an international

ISBN: 9781522517467

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Cultures of Glass Architecture

by Hisham Elkadi

<p>When designing, architects are responding to and creating a relationship between identity, culture and architectural style. This book discusses whether the extent of the use of glass facades has increased, or indeed enhanced, the creation of ...

ISBN: 9781317155676

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Current Developments in Differential Geometry and its Related Fields

Proceedings of the 4th International Colloquium on Differential Geometry and its Related Fields

by Toshiaki Adachi, Hideya Hashimoto & Milen J Hristov

<p>This volume contains contributions by the main participants of the 4th International Colloquium on Differential Geometry and its Related Fields (ICDG2014). These articles cover recent developments and are devoted mainly to the study of some ...

ISBN: 9789814719797

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D. Porthault

The Art of Luxury Linens

by Brian D. Coleman

Inspired French luxury for the home. Take a peek inside private upper class homes that reveal why D. Porthault has been the favored French luxury brand for linens and other fabrics for nearly one hundred years. Tour traditional and old-world ...

ISBN: 9781423644507

Binding: Hardback