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Basics Architecture 02: Construction & Materiality

by Professor Lorraine Farrelly

<p><em>Basics Architecture 02: Construction &amp; Materiality</em> is an in-depth exploration of the key materials used in modern architecture. The book covers materials including stone and brick, concrete, timber, glass, steel and composites. ...

ISBN: 9781350034792

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Basics Architecture 03: Architectural Design

by Ms. Jane Anderson

<p><em>Basics Architecture 03: Architectural Design</em> explains the process of designing architectural projects. It describes the design studio and the activities that take place there.</p> <p>The architectural design process is as diverse as

ISBN: 9781350034433

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Basics Landscape Architecture 01: Urban Design

by Tim Waterman & Mr Ed Wall

<p><em>Basics Landscape Architecture 01: Urban Design</em> seeks to define and describe the role played by landscape architecture in urban design, an interdisciplinary practice that is concerned with defining the form of human ...

ISBN: 9781350034648

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Basics Landscape Architecture 02: Ecological Design

by Nancy Rottle & Ken Yocom

<p><em>Basics Landscape Architecture 02: Ecological Design</em> provides an overview of ecological design and planning for landscape architects. It explores the concepts and themes important to the contemporary practice of ecological design and ...

ISBN: 9781350034143

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Basil Spence: Buildings and Projects

by Dr Louise Campbell

ISBN: 9781859463093

Binding: Hardback


Bauhaus Women: A Global Perspective

by Elizabeth Otto & Patrick Rössler

<p><strong>Forty five key women of the Bauhaus movement.</strong></p> <p><em>Bauhaus Women: A Global Perspective</em> reclaims the other half of Bauhaus history, yielding a new understanding of the radical experiments in art and life undertaken

ISBN: 9781912217977

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BAWA Staircases

by Robson David

ISBN: 9781786274304

Binding: Hardback


Be in a Treehouse:Design / Construction / Inspiration

Design / Construction / Inspiration

by Pete Nelson

ISBN: 9781419711718

Binding: Hardback


Be Like Water

by Joseph Cardillo

ISBN: 9780446690317

Binding: Paperback


Beach Huts

by Karen Averby

<p>The humble and colourful beach hut can be seen up and down Britain’s coastline. Now something of an architectural icon, the beach hut seems as though it has been around forever although it is an invention of the twentieth century. From the ...

ISBN: 9781445665757

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Becoming Human by Design

by Tony Fry

<p>The last in Tony Fry's celebrated trilogy of books continues his radical rethinking of design. <em>Becoming Human by Design</em>'s provocative argument presents a revised reading of human 'evolution' centred on ontological ...

ISBN: 9780857853561

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Before You Build

A Step-by-step Guide to Extensions and Renovations

by Julian Owen

<EM>Before You Build</EM> is a step-by-step guide to the processes you need to go through before you build. It provides practical and up-to-date guidance, and includes valuable tips and watch points that will take you from conception to start on

ISBN: 9781859461853

Binding: Paperback


Beginning Design Technology

by Mike Christenson

<p><em>Beginning Design Technology</em> introduces how design technologies work together, including tools, materials, and software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk AutoCAD, and others. It teaches you how to think about each ...

ISBN: 9781317751519

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Being an Effective Construction Client

Working on Commercial and Public Projects

by Peter Ullathorne

<P>Being a client on a construction project can be incredibly complex and demanding but ultimately rewarding once your ambitions are fulfilled. This comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ will help you to achieve that magic combination of quality and ...

ISBN: 9781859465769

Binding: Paperback


Bells and Bellringing

by John Harrison

<p>Handel called Britain 'The Ringing Isle' because he heard bells ringing everywhere he went. Behind the quintessentially English sound of bells ringing lies a unique way of hanging bells and a special way of ringing them that evolved in the ...

ISBN: 9781784420895

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Best-Selling House Plans

by Editors of Creative Homeowner

<p><em>Best-Selling House Plans</em> is the perfect planning tool for aspiring home builders, allowing them to choose among the most popular designs from the top architects in North America. Home plans, decorating ideas, CAD file ordering ...

ISBN: 9781607652977

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Better Buildings

Learning from Buildings in Use

by Richard Partington

<P>This book started life as a successor to <I>Sustainable Architecture</I>, published in 2007, which set out to prove that sustainable architecture can indeed both ‘lift the spirit’ as well as save the planet. This fully revised edition seeks ...

ISBN: 9781859465868

Binding: Paperback


Beyond BIM

Architecture Information Modeling

by Danelle Briscoe

<p><em>Beyond BIM</em> explores the vast and under-explored design potential undertaken by information modeling. Through a series of investigations grounded in the analysis of built work, interviews with leading practitioners, and speculative ...

ISBN: 9781317668107

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Beyond the Bubble

The New Japanese Architecture

by Botond Bognar

ISBN: 9780714845753

Binding: Hardback


Big Ideas for Small Houses

by Catherine Foster

A look at a range of small houses around New Zealand, and the strategies the owners used to get a toehold in the tight housing market. From building a secondary dwelling on an existing family section, to tiny houses on pocket handkerchief pieces

ISBN: 9780143773245

Binding: Paperback