"White Bear Clan" Harmon Bell Texas Ranger

by Will Welton

Publisher: Will Welton

Publication Date: March 16, 2016

ISBN: 9781310637964

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Harmon Bell Texas Ranger

Harm had been working for the railroad from the time he was fifteen until his job, terminated by the railroad cutting back on workers, at the ripe age of twenty. Harm and a friend, he worked with on the railroad, decide to move west in Indian Territory of Oklahoma and take up homesteading. A simple move for him and his friend’s wagon ended up with a wagon train of folks moving with them. A man he helped in a time the man was hurt. It turned out he was an Ex Texas Ranger. Also the Ex Ranger had two friends that lived near him decided to go with Harm to the west. The rescue of two women, which were took by outlaws and the old Texas Rangers rescued.
Harm made friends with a Comanche Indian, on the trail west, who has taken his family from the reservation at Fort Sill. Harm latter married one of the women from the stage holdup. Along the way Harm made friends with other Rangers and when Harms wife died, during a bank robbery, he took the trail to get vengeance. Some of his Ranger friends caught up with Harm and TA Noaks (Tanner Oaks), swore the two men in as Rangers to up hold the law. Latter Harmon Bell and Tanner Oaks (Ta Noaks a full blood Comanche Indian) sworn in to carry both the Texas Ranger Badge and the Deputy U.S. Marshals badge.
Harm and Ta Noaks followed the Wilson gang to the last man. One of the men of the clan asked Harm and Tanner to take the honor of being a member of the White Bear Clan by two of the oldest members of the clan, Lem Dew and John O’Leary.
Harm married an Irish girl and became one of the largest land holders in Texas in the late 1800’s at the time. He raised horses and let the Comanche Indians, which were hold outs because they slipped off the reservations, live in peace on his land. Indians were starving, on the reservation, from either bad food or no food.