Thoughts and Feelings 4th edn



Publication Date: January 01, 2012

ISBN: 9781608822089

Binding: Paperback

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Cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT, is an evidence-based therapy that is proven effective for the treatment of a variety of mental health disorders. Although CBT is most often used by clients in therapy, CBT-based skills and techniques can benefit anyone seeking greater mastery over their moods and emotions. The self-help classic Thoughts and Feelings adapts CBT techniques into a powerful program that has benefitted thousands of readers by helping them overcome the emotional and behavioral challenges of everyday life. This workbook shows readers how they can identify and change the irrational recurring thoughts that can lead to anxiety, anger, depression, and obsessive thinking by replacing these negative thoughts with new, constructive thoughts and behaviors. Readers discover how to distance themselves from unproductive negative thoughts and learn to identify their core values so they can use these values as a road map to emotional stability and life satisfaction.