"The Five People You Meet In Heaven" Summarized and Analyzed

by Teacher Forum

Publisher: Raja Sharma

Series: A Quick Guide

Publication Date: July 07, 2017

ISBN: 9781310017384

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“The Five People You Meet In Heaven” by Mitch Albom was first published in 2003. The story revolves around the life and death of Eddie, a maintenance man.

A girl happens to be enjoying a ride in the amusement park where Eddie works. She is about to be crushed by a falling cart from a ride in the amusement park. Eddie tries to save her from being killed. Instead, Eddie is killed in that accident and is sent to heaven.

In the heaven he meets five people who had greatly influenced his life when he was alive.

The book has sold over 15 million copies in about thirty five languages. It remained on the top of the Times bestseller list for ninety five weeks after its publication.

It was also adapted into a feature length television movie in the year 2004.

"The Five People You Meet In Heaven" Summarized and Analyzed
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Plot Overview
Chapter Three: Major Themes
Chapter Four: Characters
Chapter Five: Complete Summary
Chapter Six: Critical Analysis