The Concise APA Handbook

by Paul Chamness Miller, Rachael Ruegg, Naoko Araki & others
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Publisher: Information Age Publishing

Publication Date: February 01, 2017

ISBN: 9781681237756

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Most students struggle with learning how to find references, use them effectively, and cite them appropriately in a required format. One of the most common formats is that of APA. The authors all teach at the same university, where their current offtheshelf reference book, while helpful, is filled with a lot of extra information that they do not use and contains missing or incorrect information. The cost of this book also continues to rise. In a search for something else to meet their needs, they discovered that there are no concise guides that deal with APA only that are cost effective or userfriendly for students who are not familiar with using references and formatting an essay in the APA format. In order to offer student writers a source of information that is concise and costeffective, the authors have written this handbook to provide students with important information in clear, concise, userfriendly language, as well as to offer practical examples that will help them grasp the concept of secondary research writing. Much of the published materials present the nitpicky details of APA in very technical terms that are not easy to understand. This handbook presents the same information in simplified terms with images and stepbystep instructions in ways that will make sense to both undergraduate and graduate student writers. Additionally, student writers often struggle with understanding the concept of plagiarism, as well as how to find sources, evaluate the appropriateness of sources, and use sources in effective ways (e.g., how to integrate quotes, when to paraphrase, among others). This book provides this information in a concise and easytounderstand format.