The Big Book On Borderline Personality Disorder

by Shehrina Rooney

Publisher: High Conflict Institute Press

Publication Date: January 08, 2019

ISBN: 9781950057009

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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If you live with borderline personality disorder, you already know how painful it can be. But take heart – recovery is possible! The Big Book on Borderline Personality Disorder offers advice from someone who's been there. Author Shehrina Rooney shrugs off the stigma, busts myths, and translates the diagnostic criteria into everyday language. She explains the brain science of emotion dysregulation and shares her favorite strategies and skills for weathering the storm. The Big Book on BPD includes special chapters for family and loved ones, men with BPD, and anyone newly diagnosed. The author gives readers strategies for coping with BPD in the workplace and as a parent. In short, this book covers everything you (or your parents or therapist) could possibly want to know about BPD. Contrary to popular belief, BPD is not a life sentence. This book gives you the information and tools to reclaim your life. With warmth and humor, Shehrina Rooney shows you how you can find contentment, stability, and the freedom to enjoy each day as it comes.