"Salvage the Bones" Summarized & Analyzed

by Students' Academy

Publisher: Lulu.com

Publication Date: August 03, 2016

ISBN: 9781365304828

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The novel presents the account of Hurricane Katrina and how a black family is affected in the American South through a first person narrator. A fifteen years old matriarch, Esch, is the narrator. The story is set in the fictional Bois Sauvage, Mississippi. The place is based on the author’s hometown, De Lisle, Mississippi. Most of the events in the novel are inspired by the author’s real-life experiences. The author presents the account of the time period before the Hurricane Katrina and after the hurricane passed, causing death and destruction. "Salvage the Bones" Summarized & Analyzed Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Plot Overview Chapter Three: Major Characters Chapter Four: Complete Summary Chapter Five: Critical Analysis