Protides of the Biological Fluids: Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Colloquium, Brugge, 1977

by Peeters, H.
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Publisher: Pergamon

Publication Date: August 26, 2016

ISBN: 9781483153674

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Protides of the Biological Fluids: Proceedings of the 25th Colloquium, Brugge, 1977 focuses on the structure, metabolism, transformations, and reactions of protides of biological fluids.
The selection first takes a look at the structure and metabolism of plasma lipoproteins, including phosphatidylinositol exchange protein from bovine brain; structural integrity of the mitochondrial adenine nucleotide carrier; and reassembly of the monosaccharide transport system of the human erythrocyte in black lipid membranes. The book then discusses species and dietary effects on lipoprotein apoprotein metabolism in vivo; transfer of surface and core lipids of a lipoprotein from plasma into aortic wall; and pathophysiological implications of hyperlipoproteinemia.
The text focuses on lipoproteins of human peripheral lymph, portacaval shunt and lipid metabolism, and low density lipoprotein catabolism in the liver. The methods and results of experiments are presented. The book also discusses the effects of dietary cholesterol on serum lipoprotein in human; long-term effects of physical training on blood lipids and lipoproteins in primary hyperlipoproteinemia; and effects of clofibrate on plasma proteins in subjects with hypertriglyceridemia.
The selection is a vital source of data for readers wanting to study the protides of biological fluids.