PTSD in Children Growing Up and Its Influences on Adult Life

by Orla Kelly

Publisher: Orla Kelly

Publication Date: December 16, 2015

ISBN: 9781310105616

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Children are very much at risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder from a number of sources such as child abuse of a sexual, physical, mental health nature, wars, chronic illness, violence, death of a loved one, witnessing a very traumatic event, to name a few, and if left untreated and inadequately managed, the likelihood of these children growing to adulthood as traumatized dysfunctional adults is enormous. Too many children in our world today suffer from childhood trauma and have discovered that the world can be a dangerous place where their security and safety are under threat. They are traumatized by overwhelming events which have exceeded their capacity to cope and are at high risk of developing PTSD. Unfortunately, we may not be able to change human nature, but once we understand the unnecessary price paid by millions of innocent children, we may be better able to treat their wounds. I wrote this book in remembrance of the children who suffer from PTSD and who have lost their lives to PTSD. PTSD is a disorder that effects mood, destroys mental health and leads to horrific behavior changes. It is a type of mental illness that has multiple symptoms just as it is caused by a number of stressors. Looking at child psychology and receiving counselling to deal with a myriad of symptoms such as anxiety, delayed stress, flashbacks, nightmares, depression etc and each of these symptoms causes trauma not just to the sufferer but to their loved ones too. Getting help for PTSD involves not just the sufferer but the entire family who will work together to facilitate a recovery and to support the PTSD sufferer. PTSD is complex and so different symptoms may become prevalent at different times and in reponse to different stimuli.