On The Lam

by August J Esquire
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Publisher: Jean-Auguste Gravel

Publication Date: August 31, 2018

ISBN: 9781999445614

Binding: Kobo eBook

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From the hilarious, oft-irresponsible travel enthusiast, Auguste Gravel, comes the first installment of travel stories that will make you shoot milk out of your nose and then shock you back into your seat with the next paragraph.

On the Lam is about leaving your comfort zone and stepping into a world of travel and the unknown. It's a funny book that provides advice for new or experienced travelers of any age.

Each chapter is a story full of adventures - or mishaps - that take place in five different countries: Mexico, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, Germany and China.

The reader will learn about some of the norms of the country, as well as tips and advice that make for a more efficient and street-savvy globe trotter.

A perfect read for a plane ride or while sitting waiting for a bus or train to another destination. Quick, easy, funny and informative. The ideal book for when you're On the Lam*!*