List of Incoming Travel Agencies

by Edvin Cerimagic

Publisher: Edvin Cerimagic

Publication Date: August 19, 2015

ISBN: 9781311175090

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Just like in a food chain tourism works exactly the same way.

(I) to Consumer
(II) Travel Agency in
(IV) Tour Operator
(V) Local Travel Supplier
(VI) the hotel / bus.

Thousands of dollars are lost in this way. Here is a great way to travel cheap or prepare your own groups by eliminating intermediaries.
In this list of local suppliers 'Incoming Agencies' you have more than 200 companies in over 100 countries varied.
In the activity of tourism, an incoming agency supports customers of tour operators on their holiday.


An incoming agency is an organization (self-employed or company) that is installed permanently in a country that is responsible for designing programs to offer stays and visits to the country in which it is installed. It is also responsible for carrying out the programs it has designed (booking hotels, restaurants, tours, guides, ground transportation, parties, ...). Customers are primarily receptive tour operators and travel agencies but in recent years some individuals receptive to directly contact that they organize their stay. The business volume receptive used to purchase from suppliers (hotels, cultural activities or / and leisure etc) benefits benefiting from substantial discounts. This results resale at very competitive prices.
Main services offered by incoming agency:

- The design of programs that match the wishes of tourists.
- The booking of hotel rooms, restaurants, parties, appetizers, entertainment, guides, local transportation etc.
- The organization, execution and control of benefits under the program
- The transmission of technical information about the stay but also general about the country, people, customs, customs.
- Incoming agency is the guarantor of the proper conduct of the stay of tourists on their holidays location. It is in fact that everything depends on him.

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