Life of an Aspie

Looking into Everyday Life of Aspergers Syndrome
by Kerrin Maclean

Publisher: Kerrin Maclean

Publication Date: July 21, 2016

ISBN: 1230001282795

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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EVERDAY LIFE OF AN ASPIE is a comprehensive guide and tour to what Asperger’s syndrome is all about. Little or inaccurate information exists about this psychological disorder. Kerrin, an educated and well-read young woman with this disorder who is well known on You-tube and Facebook for her passion in enlightening people about Asperger’s syndrome, finally puts her vast knowledge and experience into paper. She writes about the disorder and relates her own life experiences, for the readers to know what Asperger’s syndrome patients, whom she calls ‘Aspies’ go through every day. 

The first chapter (World of difference) talks about the erroneous beliefs, misconceptions, wrong assumptions, and myths about those in the Autism spectrum. Several of these things are actually wrong.  It talks about how these assumptions are false and what exactly are true.  Although wired differently, they are just as human as those not in the spectrum.

The second chapter (Living with Asperger’s syndrome) is a detailed description of the frequent occurrences and conditions in Aspies. They include meltdowns, depressions, communication breakdowns, stimming, sensory overloads, hypersensitivity and a host of others. This chapter relates how they happen, their causes, and advices to both Aspies and non-Aspies on what to do when they happen.

‘Aspergers syndrome and mixed-feelings’ is about the wavy, unpredictable, dramatic and inconsistent feelings and expressions of a typical Aspie. This brings a lot of insults, ridicules and verbal attacks on them. The feelings and corresponding actions are not intended, but they happen any way due to lot of reasons which are drafted in this chapter. Tips and advices concerning this are drafted here.

The fourth chapter (Asperger’s Syndrome: Depression with Anxiety), focuses aggressively on depression and anxiety which is believed to be the two most fearsome monsters constantly battled by ...