"Lessons on the Powers Within"

by Marie Holmes
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 11, 2019

ISBN: 9781728306421

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Some life experiences leave you feeling as if life is conspiring against you. Some have gone as far to say; “my pain and suffering is mainly due to generational curse.” Conversations and thoughts such as these prompt my decision to write about what we as humans need to know more about. Lessons on The Powers Within teaches why some experience that are appearing more powerful and bigger than our capacity to handled, don’t really have the power to defeat, beat us down and or leave us broken. While there are many innately spiritual abilities, we as Spiritual Beings possess, this book will explain and give readers an opportunity to begin a personal journey to increase awareness of nine of the many innate Powers Within. The Nine Powers Within described in this book will not only increase awareness of self, life and others, these Powers (abilities) Within will help to restore self- confidence, healing and or recovery from a hurtful disappointing experience lost desire and ability to evaluate experiences objectively, while developing a perspective that is most beneficial to your personal growth and spiritual development. Lessons on the Powers Within will challenge you to think differently, empower and motivate you to pursue what you may have thought impossible. Take this journey through the pages explore and discover the nine words you may espouse everyday are truly, once realized, are innate abilities to sustain, heal, elevate, empower, motivate, keep your mind clear, and propel you into your purpose in this life. Embrace naturally doing and being your purposeful self by mastering lessons on The Powers Within.