"Leepus | THE RIVER"

by Jamie Delano
rrp $8.08

Publisher: Lepus Books

Series: Leepus

Publication Date: September 30, 2017

ISBN: 9780993390135

Binding: Kobo eBook

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“Leepus | THE RIVER” is the second novel by Jamie Delano featuring Leepus and his peregrinations among the odd peoples and landscapes of Inglund. While it builds upon some characters and the environment introduced in “Leepus | DIZZY”, it is nonetheless a stand-lone story.

In THE RIVER, Leepus embarks on board the Black Sow for an upriver odyssey into the murky heart of the wetlunds in support of a pal in trouble. Things get increasingly dark and intriguing as he is forced to juggle the blance of power between such competing interests as the OurFuture elitist youth militia; hardcore monk extremists, the Grey Brothers; and the mysterious Eeley Temple to achieve a ramshackle justice and stay out of the World of the Drownded.

File under: Weird fiction. Ripping yarn. Alternate reality dystopia. Black comedy. Picaresque adventure. Brutal mystery. Poetic action.