German Short Stories For Beginners 10 Clever Short Stories to Grow Your Vocabulary and Learn German the Fun Way + Phrasebook 700 Realistic German Phrases and Expressions

by Christian Stahl

Publisher: Christian Stahl

Publication Date: June 06, 2018

ISBN: 9781540149633

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Polish your reading and pronunciation skills by reading enjoyable and cultural relevant German short stories with English parallel text. 


Reading this book will benefit you in several ways:

You will improve your German vocabulary that you can use immediately and every day.

You will sharpen your comprehension by reading the German stories which are followed by English parallel text in blocks. 

You will learn relevant German phrases in the included phrasebook. 


All German short stories are unique and entertaining in content, and new vocabulary is gradually added at a manageable pace so you won't get overwhelmed. Towards the end of this book you find the stories slightly more complex, but still comprehensible for beginners and intermediate level learners. Each story is reasonably short and split into easily digestible chapters; the German paragraphs are followed by English parallel text. Also, each story includes summaries, exercises, questions, and vocabulary.


This German language learning book offers you a wide range of culturally important information you can use when you travel to Germany or study there, and frankly, this book is not only for German language learners but also for anyone interested in German culture in general.


You also get a German phrasebook with over 700 realistic phrases and expression which are perfectly suited for travelers, students, and kids.


This book will benefit you in many ways and you learn German while having fun!