GameMaker: Studio Course Level 1

A Complete Introduction To GML
by Benjamin Tyers

Publisher: GameMaker Book

Publication Date: October 06, 2015

ISBN: 1230000705738

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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If You're New To Or A Novice With GameMaker: Studio Then This Is The Book Package For You.
This book is divided into 25 sections, each covering a different topic of GameMaker: Studio GML.
It also includes projects for each section, over 100 in total.
Everything you learn is then applied in a game where you'll create a space shooter game.
You then use everything you've learnt to create your own game from scratch.
Choose From:
Endless Runner
Shoot The Ducks
Pontoon (21)
Side-Scrolling Shooter
It Also Includes All Resources For The Book & The Asteroid Game (Includes Code in TXT Files).
350+ pages.
Designed for classroom use and home study.