"Family Fake-Out" and Other Stories

by Thomas P. Hanna

Publisher: Thomas P. Hanna

Publication Date: February 09, 2017

ISBN: 9781370360284

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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“Family Fake-Out”: An adult daughter, eager to take control of the family business,plans to disguise herself and scare her father to death. But an unpleasant surprise other than the one she set up changes her situation.

“Hidden Awareness”: Ambitious Clare and Oliver Markand want her parents’ money and are willing to kill them to get it – and her parents, the Parkers, sense this. The Markands set in motion an elaborate scheme to get her parents to take a trip which will get them out of their secure building and make them vulnerable. But the Parkers make their own arrangements which change the Markands’ plans but does remove the Parkers from everyone’s list of people to be removed.

“Divine Manipulation”: Bruce attacks disco dance clubs believing he is ordered to do so by God - actually a voice talking to him through a hidden radio - while someone demands payment from the owners to stop the slaughter. The Watusi warrior turned businessman club owner works with the police to deal with the ransom demands and continuing threats. Pieces come together and the gunman is identified and the search is on. But he eludes capture and shows up at the newest club for a surprise resolution.

“Moving Targets”: Robert Preston is to testify against a Mob boss and that man is determined to make sure he never makes it to the stand. The mobsters use first the hero’s wife and then his young son to try to lure him into their cross-hairs but, bit-by-bit, Preston turns everything around even though he can’t save a loved one.