by Beck Nicholas

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Date: September 22, 2014

ISBN: 9781743569078

Binding: Paperback

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Is Kath about to make the biggest mistake of her life? Seventeen–year–old Kath McKenny has a date to the end–of–term party with her since–forever crush. He publicly messaged her to confirm, but there's been a recent status update: he's taking the new girl–giggly, pretty, well–developed Lana Elliot–instead. After being thoroughly humiliated in front of half the school, best friend Chay talks Kath into revenge: a scheme to create the perfect–and very fake–online guy for Lana. Once she falls for him, they'll show her what it's like to get brutally dumped.Everything is going to plan until Kath starts spending more–than–just–friends time with the other new kid in town–Lana's dreamy older brother, Sebastian. Kath finds herself getting in deep–in love and drowning in guilt, she tries to put an end to her prank, but it's taken on an unstoppable momentum of its own, with very real consequences.As her plotting begins to unravel, so do the people Kath thought she knew: Her mother has a secret online life. Her father has a whole new family. Her best friend is barely recognizable. Her boyfriend has a disturbing hidden past. And her enemy is more familiar than she knew.