Cultural Encounters and Emergent Practices in Conflict Resolution Capacity-Building

by Tamra Pearson d'Estrée & Ruth J. Parsons
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Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Series: Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies

Publication Date: June 01, 2018

ISBN: 9783319711027

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“Undoubtedly the most comprehensive analysis of the role of culture and emergent practices in capacity building currently at hand. d’Estrée and Parsons have produced a commendable amalgamation and scrutiny of local, cultural, and Indigenous mediation practices in a number of contexts that empower local people while interacting and integrating with Western mediation models in a blend of hybridity. The book is beautifully structured and will attract a wide readership including graduate and undergraduate students.”

 —Sean Byrne, Director, Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace & Justice, and Professor, Peace & Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba, Canada

“Since late 1990s conflict resolution field has recognized the need to integrate culture in its processes. This book goes beyond such theoretical recognition and provides empirical evidence and solid concrete cases on how local actors from a wide range of cultural contexts integrated their cultural analysis and tools in their own sustainable conflict resolution processes. It also offers an effective set of guidelines and lessons learned for policy makers and peacebuilding practitioners on the need to deepen their reliance on local cultural practices of peace.” 

—Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Professor of International Peace and Conflict Resolution, School of International Service, American University, and Founder and Director of the Salam: Peacebuilding and Justice Institute in Washington, DC, USA

“The evolving identities of communities impacted by deep historical divisions and population migration, in the context of life threatening resource shortages, present opportunities and challenges for conflict transformation professionals at every level. d'Estrée and Parsons respond to this challenge with a remarkable collection of stories from around the world that amplify the innovation in the field while capturing its history and complexity. It serves as the bridge between mediation and ...