Constituents of Thought

by Richard John Kosciejew
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Publication Date: September 30, 2017

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If the universe is a seamlessly interactive system that evolves to a higher level of plexuity, and if the lawful regularities of this universe are emergent properties of this system, we can assume that the cosmos is a singular point of significance, as a whole that evinces the ‘progressive principal order’ of the complementarity within the intercourse of its parts. Given that this whole exists in some sense within all parts (Quanta), one can then argue that it operates in self-reflective fashion and is the grounds for all emergent plexuities. Since human consciousness evinces self-reflective awareness in the human brain or mind, and since this brain, like all physical phenomena can be viewed as an emergent property of that whole. It is reasonable to conclude, in philosophical terms, at least, that the universe is conscious of ‘us’ and that we, as living within the ponderous paradigms of consciousness is awaiting for its call.