Clinical Ophthalmology for Undergraduates

by Dr. Shahzad Waseem

Publisher: Dr. Shahzad Waseem

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781301863518

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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By my reading experience, my teaching experience and feedback from students I decided to write a book on clinical ophthalmology for undergraduates living in Pakistan and may be for other countries. My objective in this book is that when a student passes ophthalmology examination, he should be able to diagnose the important and common eye diseases and he should be able to know when to refer the patient to the ophthalmologist.
From student’s point of view, I have tried to make this book as simple as I could. I have intentionally not added certain topics , which, in my opinion will not help them either in the patient’s management nor in the examination for universities abroad.
I feel this book should be enough for students to pass ophthalmology with good marks. For students who need more knowledge should consult the reference books.
The books I have consulted to write this book are clinical ophthalmology by kanski, clinical ophthalmology by Parson, Basic ophthalmology by Jogi, Clinical opthalmology by shafi jatoi.
This book has primarily been written as an e-book for tablets and smart phones, because I want to make it an interactive book so that anyone who wants to contact me can do. My intention is to continually improve it. As it is published outside Pakistan, it can only be purchased by downloading. I have tried to make the amount as low as possible, which is round about Rs. 500 PK. It can also be imported in print form on demand from the publishers.