Caged Angel

by Anne-Marie Vukelic
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Publisher: Robert Hale

Publication Date: August 31, 2015

ISBN: 9780719818998

Binding: Kobo eBook

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And so he stood now, as he had done since the first moment he had taken a room opposite her house: watching. He let the curtain fall, and on the glass remained a smear where his face had been. 'Angela...' he whispered the name to himself. 'Like an angel...' Through his journal of bloodstained poems and deranged fantasies, the frenzied consciousness of the barrister Richard Dunn is revealed, as he pursues the young heiress Angela Burdett Coutts relentlessly through the streets of Victorian London. Driven by a fixation that binds him to her through the years, the reader shares his moments of fluctuating sanity and madness as he wrestles with his delusions. With the aid of influential figures of her time - the writer Charles Dickens, the Duke of Wellington and the scientist Charles Wheatstone - Angela seeks to deal with the pain of family secrets, while refusing to be defeated by Dunn's obsession for her.