"But One Option."

by Bill MacWithey
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: February 01, 2018

ISBN: 9781462841264

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As the war in Vietnam wound down in 1974, Colonel Charlie Donnegan was pissed that the US had lost the war. He was pissed at the government for their inefficiency in running the war. He was a battalion ranger commander, and despite the rest of the military pulling out of Nam, he left a bunch of volunteers there to hurt the enemy as best they could, wherever they could.

While his men attacked targets of opportunity in and around Vietnam, Charlie advanced in rank, then resign with a job as assistant director of the CIA. After the Director was killed by a hit and run driver in DC, Charlie was elevated to director. But, that wasnt the end of his plans. Eventually, he ran for president, and knowing a lot of secrets about a lot of people, in and out of government, he won handily. Now, he was in charge. Screw the rest of government. Screw the International Community. He was going to get rid of these fucking terrorists any way he could!

Walter Herndon, the Director Charlie Donnegan had hand picked to succeed him, reluctantly went along with the presidents plans, even though it worried the hell out of him.

Arnold Johnson, Arnie to his men, was a former company commander under Charlie Donnegan. Arnie was totally devoted to doing the colonels bidding and had no compunctions about killing man woman or child to carry out his orders from his former commander. Arnie and some thirty of the survivors from the rangers left in Vietnam at the end of the war by Charlie had lived for years in the mountains of New Mexico, waiting for whatever tasks the new president assigned them.

His name had been Robert Daugherty in the army, but now, as a plant at the CIA to keep an eye on things for the president, his name was Joseph Barger and would play an important role in keeping him informed of the goings on with the director, who Charlie really didnt feel he could trust completely.

Joseph Barger was a former drug runner, who joined the army to ...