Breaking the Sound Barrier: The Journey Beyond Tinnitus

by Breaking the Sound Barrier: The Journey Beyond Tinnitus

Publisher: Reanissance E-Books, Inc.

Publication Date: September 20, 2018

ISBN: 1230002557939

Binding: Kobo eBook

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"An excellent piece of work, packed with information."

Are you one of the millions who from tinnitus – a constant ringing or hissing sound in your ears and/or head? If you, or one of your loved ones, experience tinnitus, you've probably already discovered that there's little conventional medicine can do to alleviate the condition. But that doesn't mean you're helpless. This book offers invaluable help for tinnitus sufferers. The first part covers the scientific background to tinnitus, offering perspective and insight into medical theories about its cause and cure. The second part of the book introduces holistic, spiritual approaches to tinnitus, guiding you toward a restful, silent place where you can rediscover peace. With this knowledge, you can begin to understand: the physical or psychological stresses that can cause tinnitus, the treatments that are available, and the spiritual self-exploration that is the first step on the journey to Inner Quiet and relief.

" of the finest documents I have read from either a layman or a professional." -Moderator, Tinnitus Support Message Board

"Makes no claims or hypothesis, but lays everything out in black and white, avoiding critique or favoritism. This is what I see as a book covering not only tinnitus, but philosophy, religion and psychology." -Meniere's Support Network

"Very interesting and helpful to someone like me. I am new to tinnitus and as everyone who was or is new knows, very frustrated having it. Sound Barrier really answers a lot of questions for me and opens up avenues for help now and in the future. " -Contributor, The Dizzy Board