Bonaparte's Sons

by Richard Howard

Publisher: Canelo

Series: Alain Lausard Adventures

Publication Date: August 09, 2018

ISBN: 9781788631969

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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A fallen aristocrat must prove himself in the furnace of Napoleon’s army...

1795: Confusion and fear reign in the French Republic. With her troops facing starvation and annihilation on three fronts, France is killing her patriots.

Alain Lausard, an aristocrat whose family were massacred in The Terror, rots in prison. But in a desperate move to save the Italian campaign, now commanded by a young Napoleon Bonaparte, the Directory enlists condemned criminals. For Lausard, the promise of death on the battlefield is all he wants.

Trained as a soldier, Lausard commands respect for turning his ragged miscreants into ruthless cavalry. Yet tensions remain. As the unit falls under the command of the despotic Cezar, a hazardous mission behind enemy lines threatens everything…

Bonaparte’s Sons, the first of the Alain Lausard adventures, is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe, Paul Fraser Collard and Iain Gale.

Praise for Richard Howard

‘Lovers of historical fiction won’t be able to wait to get their teeth into this one’ Newcastle Upon Tyne Evening Chronicle

‘A realistic look at the brutality of Napoleonic warfare. An enjoyable read’ Historical Novel Review

‘Howard writes with authority about life in the French army under Napoleon’ Cork Examiner