Are You the One for Me?: How to Have the Relationship You've Always Wanted

by Barbara De Angelis

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Date: December 03, 1997

ISBN: 9780722532980

Binding: Paperback

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Now you can have the relationship you've always wanted.From Barbara De Angelis, author of 14 bestselling relationships titles and internationally-recognised relationship psychologist, comes the definitive book on compatibility. Are You The One For Me? is an engaging and lucid guide to creating – and sustaining – the fulfilling relationship you deserve.World-renowned relationship counsellor Barbara De Angelis reveals everything you need to know about compatibility. You'll learn:• Why you've chosen the partners you have – and how to make better choices,• How much sexual chemistry you and your partner really have,• The ten types of relationships that won't work,• How your childhood memories may be affecting your love life,• The six essential qualities to look for in a mate,• How to spot fatal flaws in a partner,• Why you may be falling in love for the wrong reason.If you're single or divorced: read this book to understand why your past choices weren't right for you and how to get it right this time.If you're in love: learn how to be 100% certain that this relationship is the one for you.If you're married: discover how to understand and balance your differences so that you can live happily together every day.Repackaged and redesigned for the modern reader with an iconic new cover, Are You The One For Me? is the last word in finding the right type of companionship for you.