Anti-inflammatory Diet: Complete Guide to Relieving Pain and Healing Inflammation With Top 50 Simple and Delicious Recipes

by Annie Ramsey


Publication Date: December 21, 2017

ISBN: 9781386123187

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Inflammation is the ultimate lurking killer. It is the villain behind wrinkles, behind interior pain—behind every great disease in the shadow at the end of the road.

And yet, inflammation is meant to be the ultimate healer. The inflammation sectors of one’s body are meant to heal, to beat back against pathogens and clear the veins, the brain cells, and the exterior skin cells of any intruders.

Like so many things, however, inflammation has become rampant. Because of the fast-paced, ever-going mentality of the human race, stress is continually on the horizon. Toxins and pollutants from the ever-spouting coal and plastic plants lurk in the air ready to rush into one’s lungs and take up cell residence. Allergens—those nasty fellows in foods and flowers—are ready to beat back against humanity in the forms of constant sneezes and itches. And poor diet is the consistent benefactor of inflammation. It causes digestive inflammation; it causes brain cell inflammation. The digestive tract scrapes what minerals it can from the foods one digests; and yet, what it has to offer the body is lacking. We become tired; we simmer with inflammation. We never feel “quite right.”

The diet and, essentially, the minerals, proteins and carbohydrates we receive from our diet are the building blocks of our interior. If we challenge our diet and make appropriate changes; if we begin to choose the proper fuel for survival, we can truly reverse the effects of inflammation. We can beat back against future attacks. Essentially, we can live free from the realm of an interior, constant war.