Anti-Inflammatory Diet Smoothies: Inflammation Fighting Recipes That Enhance Your Body's Natural Healing Powers

by Charity Wilson

Publisher: Charity Wilson

Publication Date: July 04, 2015

ISBN: 9781513004211

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Are you finding it difficult to eat enough anti-inflammatory foods? Did you wish there was a more convenient way to fight inflammation?

Anti Inflammatory Smoothies Quick & Easy

As more people start to contract what many people refer to as preventable diseases, the more they reflect on the type of dietary lifestyle they followed. If all you ever ate was unhealthy fatty foods would it surprise you if you were diagnosed with heart disease or some type of chronic diseases?

The reality is many people would be surprised as they don’t realize that all those processed foods are causing life threatening amounts of inflammation to form inside their body. It is not like the advertisements for those types of food end with the slogan “Eat our food and you might die.”

It can be overwhelming when you realize how many vegetables and other healthy foods you need to eat in a day. That is the exact reason a lot of people just don’t bother with it. When was the last time you ate three cups of vegetables a day for any length of time?

That is where smoothies come in. You can toss everything into a good quality blender, hit start and in minutes you have a delicious inflammation fighting meal. All without the chewing. With the endless recipe possibilities, you ever have to worry about getting bored.

Benefits Of An Ant Inflammation Diet

The beauty of an anti inflammatory diet is that you couldn’t ask for a more straight forward diet. You eat whole, natural foods that are not overly processed. The easiest way to start an anti inflammatory lifestyle is to buy food that spoils.

If you can buy something that will last for months in the cupboard or in the basement you know it is seriously processed. If it has an ingredients list, chances are it has been processed.

Just think of fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs and other foods that you know have a short ...