Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide And Recipe Book: Eat To Beat Inflammation : Stop Arthritis Pain Now With Easy To Follow Anti-Inflammatory Diet

by Dana Tebow

Publisher: Pamphlet Book

Publication Date: May 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781301316977

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Arthritis is one of those debilitating diseases that seem to be on the rise. More and more young people also seem to be afflicted with the disease. It is extremely painful and requires the use of a number of medications to provide relief. The strange thing is that not many people think there is a diet to help with the disease.

Sure, certain things have to be eliminated from what one regularly eats but that was about it in some cases as without the necessary information they just dealt with it as best they could.

Through the eyes of the author they get the opportunity to go through a number of menus that are not only healthy but helpful for the inflammation that comes with arthritis as well. The recipes are pretty simple and the book comes with a bit more information on the condition and the various types of arthritis that exist.

The great thing about the recipes is that they do not have to be used by those with arthritis alone, they can be used by all that are looking for a healthier dietary lifestyle and it can help reduce the chances of osteoporosis or some other form of arthritis later on in life.

About the Author: Dana is becoming well known for her great healthy cookbook and this one falls right in line with the rest.

She did this one for all the individuals that are seeking other solution, other than medical to alleviating the pain and inflammation that come with the various forms of arthritis.

The menus presented are not only healthy but rather tasty as well and everything is geared toward making the body healthier which will in turn reduce the effects that the symptoms have.

Dana is aware that some individuals will have a bit if a challenge making the change from their regular diet as it is what they are used to from childhood but if done in stages, it can eventually be done and the benefits far outweigh the initial discomfort of change.

She also gives some bonus information so it is not ...