And So I Climb...

by Jeffrey Kraynak

Publisher: Jeffrey Kraynak

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9780988611115

Binding: Kobo eBook

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"And So I Climb..." is a collection of the lessons and realizations that I have come to in the months, and now years, of reflection and growth following the ending of an engagement. It covers the initial descent and how important it is to let pain affect you, to not block it out. It discusses how much to let it affect you and the difference between conscious change and being changed. The interplay of opinions, group mentality, open-mindedness, communication, and forgiveness are all considered in terms of being able to see the big picture and recognizing everyone's place along the continuum of any situation. Everything from why nice guys finish last to why it is so important for couples to argue are considered and reflected upon. It is not merely a book for couples and relationships, however. It is an exploration of emotion and how to deal with life's general hardships. And in the end, having traveled upon this journey with me, one should be able to recognize the pros and pitfalls of working through turbulent times and not fear them, but understand and realize that more often than not it is those trying times that offer us the greatest opportunity for growth.