...And Pull The Hole In After You

by John Kraft

Publisher: John Kraft

Publication Date: May 13, 2015

ISBN: 9781476332994

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The paperboy heard the screams all the way from the street. It still bothered him. He knew what was going on. Everybody on Patascat Circle knew. The Deltinos were fighting again.
He’d heard them the first day he'd delivered there. His older brother, Mike, heard them when this was his route. Both boys had seen the Deltinos with swollen lips and black eyes. Mike told him not to say anything, to pretend he didn’t notice. Pretend, just like the rest of Patascat Circle.
Next door to the Deltinos, yet another family was packing up to move out. They had been on the street only six months. It wouldn’t have been six minutes if they had known that they were moving in next door to the Mob. Not the Mob of Rolex watches and Armani suits, but the Mob of dirty fingernails and broken bones.
Inside the Deltino house, it was time for Beverly Deltino to do something about her situation. It had been time for years, but it just wasn’t done, not inside the Family. But now, if she didn’t, somebody was going to die, and she was damned if it was going to be her.
When a woman, born and raised inside the Mob, decides that she wants out - out of her marriage and out of the world of the Mob - she has to take desperate measures. Fleeing from her violently abusive husband, and taking with her every penny he has stashed, she uses her wits, and all the tricks she has learned as a child of the Mob, just in order to survive.
To quote just one of her pursuers, ""She’s smart, she knows both worlds, is well connected, and, if cornered, she will put an ice pick in your eye.”