An Indecent Obsession

by Mudrooroo
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Publisher: ETT Imprint

Publication Date: September 01, 2015

ISBN: 9781925416039

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(from Afterword)
'My interest in this, what can I call him, this Australian psycho, came about because of my efforts at writing and publishing accounts of the cases of the famous Queensland detective, Doctor Watson Holmes Jackamara. Unfortunately my interest in the case from the position of my subject palled, for as Jackamara said: ‘This bloke left a trail that you could follow in a four wheel driver.’ Because of this, I was about to conclude that there was little interest in writing the case up, but when I had my first interview with Dr. Jefferson Davis. I instantly saw that this was where the interest lay. Dr. Jeff Davis at that first interview expressed interest in being the subject of a book. To some extent I agreed with him and continued the interviews. When he was not under the complete control of his medication or his delusions, he was quite, well, charming. I also found a fascination in delving into the perverted mind of this serial killer, a unique but brutal man who, thankfully, for the good of the world, remains incarcerated in a hospital for the criminally insane hopefully for the rest of his life. In my judgment, formed over a hundred and ten interviews, he is too great a danger, to society and to women in general, to be ever released. I found him utterly incorrigible, a psychotic who not only believed his fantasies to be real, but used them to initiate a series of murders which he labeled as acts of vengeance. His deeds shocked Queensland at the time and the Courier Mail headlined it as AN INDECENT OBSESSION.' - Mudrooroo

'An Indecent Obsession' is a new novel from the author of 'Wild Cat Falling'.