Advances in Liquid Crystal Research and Applications: Proceedings of the Third Liquid Crystal Conference of the Socialist Countries, Budapest, 27-31 A

by Bata, Lajos
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Publisher: Pergamon

Publication Date: January 29, 2015

ISBN: 9781483150178

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Advances in Liquid Crystal Research and Applications, Volume 1 is a collection of papers presented at the Third Liquid Crystal Conference of the Socialist Countries, held in Budapest on August 27-31, 1979.
This volume is comprised of three parts. The first part deals with the phases and structures of liquid crystals through methods employing synthesis, X-ray studies, electron diffraction, and calorimetric determination. The second part discusses molecular dynamics and dynamical methods where mostly dielectric investigations into liquid crystal properties are emphasized. This part includes the developments in the study of molecular dynamics in liquid crystals. Other topics presented in this part are the acousto-optical and ultrasonic relaxation methods. The third part covers the continual properties of liquid crystals: their properties and behavior when exposed to different testing methods and variables. For example, a correlation between viscosity coefficients of starting components and those of their mixtures is attempted, resulting when MBBA and EBBA in different percentages are mixed, that none of their coefficients is found to obey any pronounced law. However, the viscosity coefficients given in the table may serve as reference data for further studies.
Physicists; process engineers; and graduate students in physics, chemistry, and materials science fields; and university professors and lecturers related to studies in the field of liquid crystals will find this collection of papers highly informative and rewarding.