A Trek in the Desert

Finding a Path Through Grief
by Roberta Zybach Yarbrough
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: February 03, 2018

ISBN: 9781465323651

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A Trek In the Desert: Finding a Path Through Grief is a book about the universal experience of grief, and the road to grief recovery. In her burning need to find relief and regain a feeling of sanity following the death of her son by suicide, the death of her husband from cancer and the death of an ex-husband, Roberta Zybach Yarbrough began her personal journey to understand something about grief and grief recovery. In the process, she discovered that there remained unresolved issues surrounding the loss of her parents. In this book, she draws on her own observations, experience and the knowledge primarily gleaned through reading, counseling (both private and group) attending grief recovery seminars, and through her own writing.

The reader is taken on a journey through the life of a divorced single mother, her struggles to become self-supporting, self-sufficient and self-confident enough to trust another relationship. Her second marriage, to Lee, also ends in divorce. As she continues to advance in her career, her self-confidence increases and she is willing to commit to another relationship. In 1976, she is again married. Her husband, Bob, is subsequently diagnosed with cancer.

While her life to this point has not been easy, she is totally unprepared for the news of the death by suicide of her son, Todd, who was battling cocaine addiction. She feels her emotions must be stifled to a large extent because of the responsibility she carries of tending her terminally ill husband. For the two years between the death of her son and the death of her husband, she begins her grief work. She seeks relief from the guilt and anger as well as shame and rejection associated with suicide. At the same time, she is dealing with anger at her husband for being seriously ill and unable to offer her comfort or help with her grief work. She learns that irrational feelings are a part of grief.

While she is working to recover from the loss of her son, she ...