A Texas Tragedy: Orphaned By Bootleggers

by Elva Edwards

Publisher: Word Publications

Publication Date: February 01, 2017

ISBN: 9780990529521

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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In May 1951, a car, loaded with bootleg whiskey and traveling without lights, ran a stop sign at a West Texas country crossroads and collided with an ordinary cotton farming family. Five adults died that night, including Elva Edwards’ mother, Pearle, her father, Calvin, and her beloved Granny Rogers. One-year-old Elva and her 3-year-old sister somehow survived. The girls grew up on the farm with their Edwards’ grandparents whose lives were forever changed that night. The grief the children and grandparents shared molded their lives from the moment Calvin’s heart stopped beating. Psychology had not reached the farms in West Texas, and no one had the tools to deal with their shared grief. If the name Calvin or Pearle ever came up in conversation, the feeling permeated the air to “leave it alone.” Nothing further would be said. After college and a failed marriage, Elva went to chiropractic school where she was faced with the body’s many issues that are impacted by trauma. One thing after another lead Elva closer to her past until one day life presented a situation where Elva felt compelled to discover what happened that fateful day of May 21, 1951. Through that discovery, she had to deal with all the feelings that had been stored in her body and mind in order to find peace and healing. Six decades later, comes the truth about what really happened in “A Texas Tragedy: Orphaned by Bootleggers.” In “good ol’ boy” Texas tradition, author Elva Edwards details the illegal bootlegging, sometimes referred to as the West Texas mafia, headed by the notorious Wizard of the West, Tom “Pinkie” Roden. Three fascinating trials, the repercussions on the author’s Tahoka, Texas farm family, outlaw money, and a confrontation with an Associated Press writer form the focal point of this shocking true story where true healing is found.