A Search for the Source

by Hilton L. Anderson
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: February 03, 2018

ISBN: 9781462842902

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There never was a time when a sense of wonder was absent. Perhaps there were times when it was covered over by more pressing obligations imposed by living, but it was always there. This book is about the exploration of this source of wonder, attempting to understand it. The wonder about death is the most persistent. This wondering leads to questions about the meaning of existence, and the nature of man and God. Accepting religious statements of faith as explanations, never seemed satisfactory to a scientific mind that demanded proof. Casting a wide net for information led to the exploration of wide ranging fields of study: psychology, parapsychology, mysticism, Eastern religious practices, energy biology, astronomy, physics and the perennial philosophy underlying the major world religions. This book is the attempt to make sense of this wide ranging exploration and provide a meaningful view of the diversity encountered. There is an attempt to provide a convergence of meaning while leaving room for each individual to become his/her own explorer and interpreter. It is a presentation of rational fact, yet it is also an exploration of the limitations of rational thinking. This book is designed to help you on your journey of re-perception, bringing you to the brink of spiritual awakening.