A Psychic Adventure

by Edmund Figure

Publisher: Edmund Figure

Publication Date: June 09, 2016

ISBN: 9781533714305

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Author Edmund S. Figure experienced a life changing psychic experience.  He went from a logical skeptic to an inquiring mind overnight.  As a result he began to talk to friends and family about these experiences.  He recorded his own observations of events.  An odd picture began to take shape—these sorts of experiences seem to be rather common and occur regularly in our own lives.

You have the opportunity to share the adventure of a life changing psychic experience.  Can the sixth sense provide a portal to heaven?    Feel the chill of ghostly specters and of other worldly messages.  Readers are advised to proceed with the lights on!

We have all experienced a psychic incident in one form or another.  These may include a premonition of an event, a ghostly image, or a message from beyond the grave.  All of these are examples of psychic events that can be unsettling to the logical mind.  Yes, we may have experienced some of this phenomenon, but are these experiences the real thing or something else?  Find out, read along and debunk some psychic myths along the way.

Where does the evidence lead?  In some instances supposed paranormal events seem to be a clever trick of the mind.  Others however appear to have encroached on something other worldly—they ring with genuine authenticity.  See how you can tell the difference. Examine the resource section to learn more about these topics. 

The author does not claim to have any special powers. He does believe that psychic abilities are inherent in all of us.  After reading “A Psychic Adventure” you will look at your own abilities in a different light.  Regardless of your feelings on this subject, when you have finished reading you most likely will agree that there is far more to us all than meets the eye.