A Proven Bridge over Troubled Waters

A Compilation of Encouraging Words to Help Carry You over When You Feel Like Life Is Trying to Take You Under
by Val McCray
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781532009129

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This book will surely encourage you when the storms of life are raging. The words of the Lord will give you hope just when you think you are down for the last count.

Toinette Wright, president and founder, Mending Bridges

Regardless of lifestyle, race, education, or socioeconomic backgroundstorms will come.

They will wreak havoc on your personal life, intrude on your professional life, and even threaten your spiritual life. When they come, its important not to get discouraged.

Encouragement can help you find hope in despair, and thats what Val McCraythe wife of a pastorprovides in this book. Shes been walking with the Lord for many years, but shes the first to admit that shes endured many storms, made countless mistakes, and suffered heartache and pain along the way.

But Jesus advises us in James 1:23 to count it all as joy when we face various tests and trials, because eventually they will produce patience in our lives. When youre unsettled in spirit, stop and acknowledge it to the Lord. Even if you cannot express what youre feeling, youll find that the Holy Spirit will step in and give meaning to each tear that falls from your eyes.

If you are in any way unsure about the ground on which you currently stand, youll find value in this books practical and powerful messages, based solely on the word of God. They provide a proven bridge over troubled waters.