A Person of Significance

by Marjorie Lazaro
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Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

Publication Date: November 24, 2016

ISBN: 9781785897306

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Marjorie Lazaro’s novel, A Person of Significance, explores London in the 1950s, at a time when immigrants were arriving from West Africa, India and the Caribbean, each with their own story. A Person of Significance follows the story of Gad, a talented young pianist from Burma, who arrives in London with nowhere to live, despite the fact that he has a place at a top music college. He faces prejudice from the unwelcoming city but, nevertheless, manages to pursue his ambition as a musician. Gad develops an individual style of performance that allows his warm musicality to connect with his audience. During his time as a music student, he also meets the beautiful Therese and embarks on a passionate, yet turbulent, relationship with her. Although A Person of Significance is upbeat in tone, readers quickly learn how Gad is forced to face continual prejudice in a tough society. On the road to becoming a musician, whilst trying to get his college tutors to understand his needs, he has to deal with his mother’s death. He falls madly in love, but is mistrusted by Thérèse’s family. Will Gad ever be accepted? Inspired by the work of Adrian Levy and Michael Ondaatje, this novel will appeal to readers who enjoy modern and contemporary novels and romantic fiction, as well as those who are interested in exploring different cultures and societies in fiction.