A Migraine in Room 3, A Stroke in Room 4

A Physician Examines His Profession
by Paul M. Schanfield MD

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: November 30, 2018

ISBN: 9781543956610

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"A Migraine in Room 3, A Stroke in Room 4; A Physician Examines His Profession," written by Dr. Paul Schanfield, a clinical neurologist and medical educator, endeavors to rekindle the commitment to the human side of medicine by emphasizing patient-centered care. While the book is poignant and engaging, instructive and informative, it is at times charming and humorous. The book is written for the education of medical students, residents and fellows training to become clinicians. It is a valuable resource for all practicing medical professionals and will be informative and enjoyable to anyone interested in medicine today. Healthcare in America is in crisis. Rapidly increasing costs, highly variable medical outcomes, widespread dissatisfaction of both patients and doctors, and a reliance on a corporate business model are symptoms of the crisis. This book clarifies the system's failures, while emphasizing the necessity for physicians to treat patients as individual human beings in need, not as medical problems or vessels of disease. Only with a return to this fundamental concept of care can the crisis be appropriately addressed. The physician-patient interaction provides medicine with heart and meaning. Perfecting this communication improves the health of the patients, while enhancing both patient and physician experience. The system's primary focus must return to the patients in need rather than on medical problems. A migraine is not in room 3. A stroke is not in room 4. People are in rooms 3 and 4. "A Migraine in Room 3" distinctively addresses the practice of clinical medicine in three interconnected ways. The book begins with a comprehensive analysis of the flaws in today's healthcare system, which is currently preoccupied with the demands of a corporate business and intense insurance/government oversight. The resulting time-intensive emphasis on insurance coverage, documentation demands, and complex coding requirements has eroded the ...