A Handful of Sunshine

by Vikram Bhatt
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Publisher: Random House Publishers India Pvt. Ltd.

Publication Date: April 30, 2017

ISBN: 9789386495051

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The first time Veer set his eyes on Maia, he felt such an intense attraction that he was swept away by the magic. Strangely, Maia felt it too. Soon it became their lives. It was as if the only reality was this inexplicable force that drew them together. However, just like the whirlwind that it was, it tore them apart. A tragedy caught them unawares and jolted them out of their stupor. What it left in its wake was hatred—as potent as their love. Things did not end there. Several years later, fate played its dirty trick again and brought them face to face. This time the choice was theirs: to let their hatred destroy them or to give love another chance.