A 21st Century Solution

by Robert Bellamy
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Publisher: Green Ivy

Publication Date: October 31, 2016

ISBN: 9781946043320

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The problems in America are not nearly as complicated as they seem. It only takes a brief walk through our history to discover the problem and a solution to the problem that will make America right again.

The real problem in America is an economic problem, not a political problem. When nearly 40 percent of the nation's wealth rests in the hands of one percent of the population and nearly one-quarter of the workforce is out of work, it's time for the government to take action.

Thomas Jefferson believed that if the American voter wasn't versed in civics and history, the system would fail. This short book gives a brief explanation of how the government and economy work (civics), and what events caused everything to be the way they are today (history).

The real problem in America is the out-of-control power of wealthy corporations. There are over 27 million businesses in America. Less than a thousand of the wealthiest corporations are causing this enormous imbalance in the distribution of wealth and division of labor.

The only way to compete with the power of wealthy corporations is with large numbers of people. This book shows what caused political apathy, and what needs to be done to counter corporate power.