Notebook Trilogy, The

by Kristof Agota

Publisher: The Text Publishing Company

Publication Date: March 23, 2016

ISBN: 9781925240894

Binding: Paperback

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Claus and Lucas are twins. Their new life begins when they are left with their grandmother, the 'Witch', in a village in an occupied country. It's wartime. Their angelic looks are deceiving. They are implacable, dangerously ethical; what motivates them is a deeply embedded morality of absolute need.
The trilogy-The Notebook, The Proof and The Third Lie-follows their stories from the Second World War, through the years of communism and into a fractured Europe. In what could be seen as an allegory of post-war Europe, the twins become separated and are isolated in different countries. They yearn to be connected again, but perspectives shift, memories diverge, identity becomes unstable...
Written in Kristof 's spare, direct style, The Notebook Trilogy is an exploration of the aftereffects of trauma, particularly on children, and of the nature of storytelling. In the tradition of J.M. Coetzee or Herta Muller, these novels explore truth and lies, shaped by a breathtaking artistic vision that is shocking, fascinating and utterly memorable.

Praise for The Notebook Trilogy-
'An almost lyrical intensity...A fierce and disturbing novel.' New York Times
'A haunting, harrowing tale that lingers in the imagination long after you've turned the last page.' Washington Post
'I found it profoundly disturbing, incredibly well-written, and extraordinarily brave. And the fact that it was written by a woman-it has a startling brutality and ferocity about the style that I find very inspiring.' Eimear McBride, The Believer
'At the heart of this acrid trilogy, in all its studied understatement and lack of portentousness, we can feel the author's slow-burning rage at the wholesale erasure of certainty and continuity in the world of her childhood and adolescence. At the same time we sense Kristof saturninely enjoying this annihilation for its imaginative potential. She will reassemble a shattered wo