Diamond Dove

by Hyland Adrian

Publisher: The Text Publishing Company

Publication Date: June 28, 2010

ISBN: 9781921656422

Binding: Paperback

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Emily Tempest has been away from Central Australia for a long time - uni, travel, deadend jobs. Finding trouble all over the world. Now she's back at Moonlight Downs, the community where she grew up, half in the Aboriginal world, half in the white. And true to form, there's trouble. An old friend brutally murdered and mutilated. An old enemy the only suspect. Until Emily starts asking questions. Take a nail-biting mystery, an epic setting and a heroine with a talent for stirring thing up, then throw in an affectionate flogging of outback Australia's melanoma-encrusted hide, and Diamond Dove may be the wittiest and most gripping Australian crime novel you'll read this year.