The Guardian Angel Oracle

by Chrissie Astell


Publication Date: November 01, 2018

ISBN: 9781786781208

Binding: Paperback

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Connect with the heavenly realms and receive encouragement, answers and inspirationfrom the angels with this original and sumptuous deck of oracle cards, and its accompanying user guide.

In today's busy and often stressful world, many of us feel the need for some kind of spiritual light, love and guidance. Luckily, no matter what our belief system, angels and their energy are a presence that wecan call upon to act as channels between ourselves and God, the Divine, or Spirit - whatever we understand this universal force to be.
ThroughThe Guardian Angel Oraclecards and guidebook, renowned angel expert Chrissie Astell helps usto tap into the energy of the angels in a more focused way, with Archangel Michael representingheart, Gabriel mind, Raphael bodyand Uriel soul, and each card representing a different positive quality such as Protection, Love, Forgiveness and Beauty.
After an introduction to the history and significance of angelic beings, she provides advice on handling the cards, different ways to use the deck, affirmations andmeditations, as well as threelayouts with sample readings.

Whether we seek guidance about a particular issue, wish to feel a celestial presence more acutely on a daily basis, or perhaps simply seek inspiration on a particular day,The Guardian Angel Oraclewill give us all the tools we need to forge invaluable connections with these powerful beings.