What's It Like To Be Chased By A Cassowary?

The most informative and entertaining explainers from The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald
by Felicity Lewis (ed.)

Publisher: Penguin Australia Pty Ltd

Publication Date: December 01, 2020

ISBN: 9781761040825

Binding: Trade Paperback

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Ever wondered what happens to us as we die? Or how the Esky became an Aussie cultural icon? Or why we have leap years? Then look no further - and even if you haven't wondered, you'll want to find out. This anthology is a diverse collection of explainers by some of the finest writers from The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. It tackles quintessentially Australian topics (where does the term 'mate' come from?) as well as questions being grappled with around the world (what will our homes be powered by in the future?).